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125 ex class

J Muller
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Post  boylan racing Sun Nov 21, 2010 8:39 pm

Josh Jacobs
faster bike and from what I have heard and just listening to it Casey's 2 smoke is far from stock which makes that much more of a advantage on the smoker

This statement is what what made me ask if you had watched Roger change a piston in Casey's 2 stroke. It was a stock piston in his 2 stroke.
As far as watching these racers line up all together on 4 strokes, they did. Casey raced a 4 stroke in the 250 class and also in the Pro class.
He also raced a 250 4 stroke at the Sullivan Arena. He lined up with all of the same racers there to. Results were the same as at the track.
I am just wondering what the big deal is about the 2 stroke anyway because there were several 2 strokes that finished behind the 4 strokes and only 1 finished ahead of them most of the time, but not always.
Like Shane Woodworth said it has a lot to do with how serious you are with your sport and how much time you put into getting yourself in shape for the ride. My son was very serious about racing and he worked hard for the wins he achieved and he deserves the credit for them! Like I said, I witnessed a couple of 2 strokes finishing behind a few 4 stroke this season.
I'm not going to argue all of these graffs and stuff with any of you, I just know my family are not cheaters.
ARL adapted the AMA rule of allowing the 2 stroke in these classes to try to make it more affordable for more racers to be able to come out and race more than 1 class with the price and maintance of 1 bike. They really didn't do this to irritate any one.

Thank You

boylan racing

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125 ex class - Page 2 Empty Re: 125 ex class

Post  nornevrder Sun Nov 21, 2010 9:48 pm

Just for the record I by all means did not call your family cheaters. I would not do that.


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Post  OneSeven Mon Nov 22, 2010 1:19 am

akpilot7 wrote:

Second you state that 2-strokes cost race team too much money in maintenance. This is not true at all! I had an article somewhere where Mitch Payton was asked this question. He stated that his team is spending something like 4 times the money on the 4-stroke engines. Why? well they have alot more moving parts, and these parts move very fast and have very tight tolerances and use expensive materials. Since a race bike at that level gets a complete teardown every race anyway, the cost curve is much higher for the more complex machine.

Of course a real team can afford it, its stupid to think otherwise. But I am not talking in terms of teams. A 2stroke goes through top ends left and right. a TRUE privateer can not afford to replace these top ends left and right, and have the time to do so while traveling from race to race. While also trying to find time to practice. They are the only ones with the options of walking into a dealership and buying the 2-stroke bike.

Most teams get some amount of support from the factory. They buy bikes in Bulk and go to the factories trying to get the best deal. No factory is gonna push a 2stroke. Mainly cause there is only two factories left that push them. And mainly cause they dont care about them no development has gone into them in years. No development will go into them. For maybe the next 10+ years or longer.

akpilot7 wrote:
I also don't have the mindset that we must have rules that handicap to have equal results. Why not have rules that are equal, and let the results fall where they may? What can be more fair than saying, take the bore & stroke and find the volume. This volume is what you have to work with. Let's set that volume at 250cc. Ok, now everyone find the best bike for you that has that size combustion chamber and let's race.

In theory your idea works.
But this creates the same problem we are facing now to a more serious degree.
CC VS CC doesn't mean fair race, its twice as unfair to throw a 250f vs 250-2.
I don't know how to keep explaining it, but this handicap you think is such a big deal really isnt.
If you wanna loop around it make 125s 144, you got the overall better bike in that way and its still cheaper then buying a 250f.

akpilot7 wrote:
Like I stated earlier, most have chosen the 4-stroke for Loretta's this year, even though they could ride a 2-stroke of the same size. almost all the titles were won by 4-strokes, so how unfair could the equal class rules be? Obvously the handicap rules are unfair, otherwise 90% of riders wouldn't be on 4-strokes as they are now.

You'd be amazed how many of those kids get some type of support from a factory. Even in economic times today. So once again the bikes they are getting some type of deal on they will be riding.

Also where do you expect these kids to get 2strokes from? Have you tried to buy a new one recently? Amature riders are not gonna be riding 2strokes from 05' 06' they are gonna want the newest ones the less engine times, less wear and tear, so forth. There is also rules on how old a machine can be at big amature events and pro.

akpilot7 wrote:
I really do want what is best for the sport. This forced march to 4-strokes will come back to haunt us. There are going to be too many poor kids who bought a second hand 4-stroke, then end up parking the bike in the back yard when the cost to fix it is more than the bike is worth (planned obsolescence). That is one less kid at the track.

This march wasn't forced. It was implied and we took the bait and ran with it. If four strokes didn't sale like they did then we wouldn't be here. We only have our selves to blame. But making racing unfair because the die hard 2stroke fans cant let go is another thing and stupid. Kids will always be able to buy used 2strokes for cheap and most will because they are cheaper.

I also wanna bring up another point with letting 250-2's race against 250fs.
A saftey issue.
No kid hopping up from a 85 should be forced to ride a 250 2stroke against a 125.
That is a lot of power and a unsafe amount of power for them to wield.
Why would a kid race a slower 125 against a 250f and 250-2?
A 125 can hang with a 250f just fine, honestly the rider is the only factor in there.
Train, be in shape. Youll do just fine.

You can't turn the clock back.


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125 ex class - Page 2 Empty Re: 125 ex class

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