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Post  Sm468 Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:06 pm

Please check through the list and make sure we have not missed your name. You need to have completed (7)seven city races to receive one. If your name is on the list please make sure the spelling of first and last names are correct.

Thank You
Sue Miller
Roxann Boylan

City Plaques 2010

1st Aidan Burton
2nd Tristin Moffitt
3rd Camden Adkins
4th Garret Blydenburgh

1st Aidan Burton
2nd Billy Downey
3rd Ryan Raynor
4th Wes Burton
5th Jaidan Parra
6th Elijah Parra
7th Zachary Miller
8th Landon Carver
9th Justin Nunn
10th Odin Andersen
11th Christian Thomas
12th Cole Blydenburgh

Mini Quad
1st Kaleb Pesta
2nd Tyler Manuel
3rd Jacqueline Oden
4th Camron Rummel
5th Jimi Derosa

1st Triston Veltkamp
2nd Kyle Johnson
3rd Cole Crandall
4th Wes Compton
5th Brandon Adkins
6th Tyler D Yow
7th Robert Brown
8th Valen Flaherty

85 Novice
1st Joseph Palmer
2nd Robert Brown
3rd Wes Compton
4th Brandon Adkins
5th Tyler D Yow
6th Valen Flaherty
7th Ethan Lynn
8th Sean Riley O’Connor

85 Intermediate
1st Triston Veltkamp
2nd Simon Lynn
3rd Kyle Johnson

85 Expert
1st Cole Crandall

1st Alexander Raynor
2nd Meagan Marotta
3rd Amanda Blanchard
4th Panupong Beer Daengpairoch
5th Loren Simmons
6th Jason Nunn
7th Daniel Claugus
8th Rachel Smoot
9th Jeff Cifelli

125 Intermediate
1st John Mark Muller
2nd Jake L Collins
3rd Mike Bennett
4th Robert M Armbrust
5th Patrick Backford
6th Elan Cohen

125 Expert
1st Casey Boylan
2nd Collin Clayton
3rd Michael Hardy
4th Josh Szymanski
5th Derek Hardy
6th Meghan McClain
7th Tyler Gurley

250 Intermediate
1st Nicholas Yarnot
2nd Robert M Armbrust
3rd Scott Stuart

250 Expert
1st Casey Boylan
2nd Chase Crabb
3rd Josh Szymanski

1st Casey Boylan
2nd Tyler Blanchard
3rd Collin Clayton
4th Josh Szymanski
5th Chase Crabb
6th Derek Hardy
7th Meghan McClain
8th Michael Hardy
9th Tyler Gurley
10th Nicholas Yarnot

Women’s Novice
1st Nicole Musick
2nd Laura Smith
3rd Amanda Brown

Women’s Intermediate
1st Meagan Marotta
2nd Michelle Downey
3rd Rachel Smoot

Women’s Expert
1st Meghan McClain
2nd Crystal Crabb

VET Novice
1st Doug Raynor
2nd Beth Stuart
3rd Jason Nunn
4th Craig Clayton
5th John Lynn
6th Rick Clark

VET Intermediate
1st Bob C Armbrust

VET Expert
1st Jim McClain
2nd Jayson Lockett
3rd Ralph Blanchard
4th Gary Smith
5th Lance Leneave

1st Jim McClain
2nd Scott Stuart
3rd Gary Smith
4th Mark Oppegaard
5th Craig Clayton

Senior VET
1st Bob C Armbrust
2nd Rick Clark

Quad Novice
1st Marshall Fisher
2nd Wayne Eller
3rd Andrew Burch
4th Zane Stapley
5th Brandon Poe
6th Robert Eller
7th Kathryn L Fisher

Quad Intermediate
1st Jonathan Sindorf
2nd Heather Sindorf

Quad Expert
Kris Sindorf

Quad Pro Open
Kris Sindorf
Kevin Cabana
Heather Sindorf

Youth Class
1st Mike Bennett


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