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It was supposed that Flamel had buried Chanel Handbags here the philosopher’s stone; and for two centuries the Alchemists, from Magistri to Père Pacifique, never ceased to burrow in that ground, till at last the house, so cruelly ransacked and undermined, crumbled into dust under their feet.The Archdeacon Claude was also credited with having solved the mystery of the colossal Saint-Christopher, and of that tall, enigmatical statue which stood then at the entrance of the Parvis of the Cathedral, and derisively styled by the people Monsieur le Gris—old curmudgeon.
It was a singular destiny, we may remark in passing,Designer Chanel Handbags for the Cathedral of Notre-Dame to be thus beloved in different degrees and with so much devotion by two creatures so utterly dissimilar as Claude Frollo and Quasimodo; loved by the one —rudimentary, instinctive.This cell had been constructed long ago, almost at the summit of the tower among the crows’ nests, by Bishop Hugh of Besan?on,5 who had played the necromancer there in his time. What this cell contained nobody knew; but on many a night from the shore of the terrain.
Whether this abhorrence was sincere, or merely the trick of the pickpocket who cries “Stop thief!” it did not prevent the learned heads of the Chapter regarding him as a soul adventuring into the very fore-court of hell, lost among the holes and underground workings of the Cabala, groping in the baleful gloom of occult science. The people, of course, were not to be hood-winked for a moment.Else why that bald and furrowed brow, that constantly bowed head, those sighs that forever rent his breast? What secret thought sent that bitter smile to his lips at the selfsame moment that his frowning brows approached Cheap Chanel Handbags each other like two bulls about to fight?


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